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Portable Recorders

Portable Recorders,Zoom,Zoom Accessory Pack APH-2N

Zoom Accessory Pack APH-2N

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Portable Recorders,Zoom,Zoom Accessory Pack APH-4N

Zoom Accessory Pack APH-4N

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Portable Recorders,Zoom,Zoom APH-6 Accessory Pack for H6

Zoom APH-6 Accessory Pack for H6

Professional hairy windscreen (WSH-6H) Wired remote control (RCH-6) AC power adapter (AD-17) USB cable
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Portable Recorders,IK Multimedia,IK Multimedia iRig PRE for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and And...

IK Multimedia iRig PRE for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and And...

The IK Multimedia iRig Pre lets you connect your favorite microphone directly to your iOS device. It connects to your iOS device's standard headphone jack, so you can use the iRig Pre with any iOS app that accepts regular in-line microphone input, including IK Multimedia's iRig Recorder and VocaLive apps. A built-in headphone jack allows you to monitor your recordings, as well as listen to audio playback. Running on a single 9V battery, the iRig Pre can even provide phantom power for condenser m
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Portable Recorders,Zoom,Zoom H1n 2-channel Handy Recorder

Zoom H1n 2-channel Handy Recorder

The Zoom H1n's dead-simple stereo pickup with unlimited overdubs makes archiving music performances, dialogue, and sound for film easier than ever. The Zoom H1n is the successor to the acclaimed H1. Upgraded features include dedicated one-touch buttons for recording, playback, and audio settings; a new 1.25" backlit LCD that reads easily in any lighting condition; slate and test tone generators for simpler A/V sync; auto-record and self-timer functions; a front-facing speaker; and adjustable pla
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Zoonm H2N Handy Recorder (Black)

The H2n Handy Recorder is the only portable recording device to come with five built-in microphones and four different recording modes: X/Y, Mid-Side, 2-channel surround and 4-channel surround. Other advanced features include automatic gain control and onboard MS decoding, plus effects like compression, limiting and low cut filtering. You can even use the H2n as a multi-purpose USB microphone!
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Portable Recorders,Zoom,Zoom H4n Pro Digital Multi-Track Recorder

Zoom H4n Pro Digital Multi-Track Recorder

The H4n Pro is capable of recording the loudest and heaviest performances, up to 140 dB SPL without distortion. Take a line-level* stereo feed from the mixing console and capture room ambience with the X/Y microphones.
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Portable Recorders,Zoom,Zoom Handy Recorder H5

Zoom Handy Recorder H5

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Zoom H6

Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

Direct recording to SD cards up to 128GB.Display 2.0-inch full color LCD (320 x 240 pixels) Gain knobs, pads, and phantom power for each input Newly redesigned preamps with an ultra-low noise floor, up to 24-bit/96kHz audio in wav or MP3 format Multichannel USB Audio interface Includes: owners manual, SD card (2 GB), XYH-6 X/Y capsule, MSH-6 MS capsule, AA size LR6 battery x4, USB cable, sponge windscreen, cubase LE software, case
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Portable Recorders,Zoom,Zoom Recorder Interface R-24

Zoom Recorder Interface R-24

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