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Guitar Processors

Buy Roland FV-50L Foot Volume low online

Roland FV-50L Foot Volume (Low)

Low-impedance FV-50L enables direct control of stereo keyboards and stereo effects units Minimum Volume knob lets users set minimum volume as desired Convenient Tuner Out jack enables speedy tuning on stage
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Guitar Processors,Zoom,Zoom Effect Pedal G1-ON

Zoom Effect Pedal G1-ON

Guitar Effects Processor
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Guitar Processors,Nuxe,NuX MG-100 Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal

NuX MG-100 Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal

NUX MG-100 offers all guitar effects, including a variety of distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb, amplifier and cabinet models. And it comes with a user-friendly interface which you can reach the main controls easily by using Gain, Level and Master knobs on the front. High-Resolution TFT LCD screen allows you to control and adjust everything clear and precise.
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Guitar Processors,Mooer,Mooer GE100 Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Mooer GE100 Guitar Multi Effects Processor

The GE100 is one of their takes on multi-effects processors, and I’m hoping it’ll match the quality and sounds of their individual stomp boxes. Most of their compact pedals are based on emulating legendary pedals, so it will be interesting to see how much of that cloning approach they bring to a multi effects unit.
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Guitar Processors,Zoom,Zoom G1X Four Multi-effects Processor with Expression Ped...

Zoom G1X Four Multi-effects Processor with Expression Ped...

The Zoom G1 Four and G1X Four feature over 70 effects and amp models, looper and drum machine. Plus, access ZOOM Guitar Lab’s additional library of downloadable effects. Plug in and be amazed!
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Buy Boss NS-2-Noise Suppressor Pedal Online

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal

Effectively eliminates noise and hum preserving the original sound's tonality Natural attack and envelope remain unaffected by suppression
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Guitar Processors,Line 6,Line 6 pocket pod

Line 6 pocket pod

Multiple effects
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Zoom G3Xn

Zoom G3Xn Multi-Effects Processor with Expression Pedal f...

70 (68 effects, 1 looper pedal, and 1 rhythm pedal) onboard EQ, compression, delay, reverb, flanging, phasing, and chorusing 5 new amp emulators plus 5 cabinet emulators Auto Save function for automatic saving of all patch parameters Onboard chromatic tuner with dedicated footswitch support all standard guitar tunings, including open and drop tunings
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Guitar Processors,Boss,Boss Distortion DS-1X

Boss Distortion DS-1X

Combining over 35 years of pedal design, the DS-1X takes BOSS's famous distortion sound into a new era of guitar playing. The DS-1X features BOSS's innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology, which allows it to dynamically adapt to any register you play in. We've played with all of BOSS's MDP pedals here at Sweetwater, and we can assure you - these pedals are awesome! And thanks to the DS-1X's tone-shaping knobs, not only do you get clear and full-sounding distortion all across the
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Guitar Processors,Zoom,Zoom Effect Pedal G2 1NU

Zoom Effect Pedal G2 1NU

Guitar Effects With Pedal
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Guitar Processors,Boss,Boss Gt-1 Guitar Effects Processor

Boss Gt-1 Guitar Effects Processor

108 effects to choose from, with 99 User & 99 Preset Patches. Flagship-class BOSS sound engine derived from the top-line GT-100 Light compact unit without hard edges for safe transportation. Exceptional build construction and rugged durability Numerous COSM amps included for you to play with Integrated looper for enhanced practice and performances. Up to 7 hours of battery life with 4 x AA-size batteries Easy Select and Easy Edit function for choosing effects and tweaking on the fly. Built-i
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Guitar Processors,Zoom,Zoom G5

Zoom G5

Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator
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