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Digital Drum sets

Buy Yamaha DD45 Digital Drum Silver online

Yamaha DD45 Digital Drum, Silver

50 Programmed drum kits plus custom kits 4-pad basic layout and input for foot pedal provide the feeling of real acoustic drums 50 songs for practice and play-along. You can erase the drum part completely or partially. With tempo control, music book or your MP3 player, you have an effective, easy way to practice The new Magic Tom feature allows drummers to perform multi-tom fills on a single pad with a variety of fill patterns, while the beat keeps moving on other pads
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Digital Drum sets,Alesis,Alesis PercPad 4-Pad Percussion Instrument (Black)

Alesis PercPad 4-Pad Percussion Instrument (Black)

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Buy Roland-KD-9-Kick-Pad online

Roland KD-9 Kick Pad

Cloth-designed bass drum head Provides good feel and dynamic response Also provides accurate triggering and solid playability Easy and quick to set up
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Buy ROLAND MDS 9V Drum Stand online

ROLAND Drum Stand MDS-9V ( Used with TD15K & 15KV )

Stable, four-leg drum stand for V-Tour series V-Drums Features adjustable ball clamps for the cymbal arms and snare mount Convenient tilt mechanism for hi-hat mount arm Ergonomic design of the MDS-9V allows you to position the cymbals and toms anyway you'd like Roadworthy construction is designed to handle frequent set-ups and tear-downs Attractive black finish is sure to look great in any environment
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Digital Drum sets,DW,DW Drum Workshop CPPADTS5 Go Anywhere Pad Set with Stand

DW Drum Workshop CPPADTS5 Go Anywhere Pad Set with Stand

Does your drum practice annoy the neighbors? The DW DWCPPADTS5 Go Anywhere Complete Practice Set lets you work on your technique without upsetting anyone. The set comes with two 8" pads (tom and cymbal) and two 10" pads (snare and floor tom) that give you natural feel and stick rebound. You also get a bass drum pad - but you'll have to supply your own pedal. For an affordable, easy-to-transport drum practice solution, the DW DWCPPADTS5 is an ideal choice.
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Buy Roland MDS 4V Stand TD 11k TD 11KV Blk Online

Roland MDS-4V Drum Stand for TD-11k & TD-11KV-Blk - New

Custom Stand for V-Compact Series V-Drums
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Buy Alesis PerformancePad Pro Percussion Instrument online

Alesis PerformancePad Pro Multi-Pad Percussion Instrument

8 natural feeling, velocity-sensitive drum pads with Dynamic Articulation(TM) Built-in professional drum machine so you can record and play back your own beats Over 500 sounds ranging from all styles and instruments assignable to any pad
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Buy Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five Piece Online

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set

Five-piece electronic drumset with DM6 drum module; 5 realistic-feeling drum and cymbal pads translate hits into message data translate hits into message data, which is played back as a drum sound by the DM6 drum module DM6 module contains 108 top-notch drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds Includes kick, snare, (3) tom, (2) cymbals and a hi-hat pad and a hi-hat pad, kick pedal & hi-hat controller Dual-zone 8-Inch snare pad expands expressive playing freedom with multiple sounds per pad USB-MI
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Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit | Eight Piece All-Mesh Electr...

Electronic drum set Dynamic, comfortable pads for great feel and natural response 8-inch high quality rubber drum pads (dual-zone snare, three single-zone toms) Kick pad tower with bass drum pedal included 10-inch cymbals - ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash with choke
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Alesis 8 Pcs Eletronic Drum Kit Nitro Mesh Kit

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Buy Roland MDS 12V Drum Rack online

Roland MDS-12V Drum Rack

Roland MDS-12V Drum Rack, for Roland TD-30K V-Drum Set, Setmount your V-drums in style and stability with the thomann MDS-12V Featuring flexible ball-clamps, height-adjustable arms on hatched clamps A lower centre of gravity, this rock-solid rack lets you play with confidence, knowing that your drum and cymbal pads will remain locked in position The MDS-12V's open-leg design offers more convenience for thomann Hi-Hat placement as well as expandability with additional pads and cymbals The cab
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Buy Yamaha DTX400K Compact Electronic Drum online

Yamaha DTX400K Compact Electronic Drum Set

FREE iOS Apps allow easy customization, song importing, and training programs 297 high-quality sounds, 10 customizable kits and built-in lesson programs Yamaha's KU100 Silent Kick Unit makes this the quietest kit available; perfect for apartments HH65 remote hi-hat, allows half-open, pedal and splash hi-hat sounds Genuine Yamaha quality parts
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