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Drum Heads

Drum Heads,Evans,Evans E-Ring Pack, Rock-10, 12

Evans E-Ring Pack, Rock-10, 12", 14", 16" (ER-ROCK)

The Evans E-Rings Rock Pack will help you to control the overtones of your drums. These "floating" rings are super easy to install; just press the ring down on the head of your drum, and you're ready to go. The E-Rings tighten up the sound of your drum and remove unwanted overtones. This gives your drums an extra-fat punch without stifling it — a feature that drummers at Soundglitz love. Instead of choking your drum, like other volume control accessories, the E-Rings allow the drum to sustain th
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Drum Heads,Evans,Evans EPP-AMUP-R1-5A American Upgrade Pack with ProMark 5...

Evans EPP-AMUP-R1-5A American Upgrade Pack with ProMark 5...

American Upgrade packs are an affordable way to replace the standard drum kit American Upgrade packs consist of Evans G2 Clear 2-ply tom heads, a G1 Coated 1-ply snare head and Evans best-selling EMAD bass drum head Includes Evans drumheads: 12+13+16 inches G2 Clear, 14-inch G1 Coated, 22-inch EMAD It’s a quality US made drumheads
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