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Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar,Yamaha,Yamaha C40II Full-Scale Classical - Natural

Yamaha C40II Full-Scale Classical - Natural

The Yamaha C40 is an amazing full-sized nylon-string guitar that's affordable enough for any guitarist. Whether you're stepping up from a 3/4-size model or looking for a first classical guitar to start off with, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the C40. Its full 2" nut allows you to play with true classical finger techniques - just what you need to develop proper playing method.
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Classical Guitar,Yamaha,Yamaha Classical Guitar C-70

Yamaha Classical Guitar C-70

The C70/02 might be one of Yamaha's most inexpensive full-size classical models, but its quality and tone are outstanding. A real bargain for beginners and young learners Guitar has glossy body finish, Fingerboard Radius: Flat
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Classical Guitar,Yamaha,Yamaha C80 II Classical Guitar In Natural Finish

Yamaha C80 II Classical Guitar In Natural Finish

hese modestly priced instruments offer a level of craftsmanship, quality, performance, tone, and playability that only Yamaha can provide in this range. Great instruments for beginners and young learners.
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Classical Guitar,Alhambra ,Alhambra Laqant College Set Classical Guitar Spanish + Bag

Alhambra Laqant College Set Classical Guitar Spanish + Bag

An extensive catalog of instruments adapted to the most demanding needs of guitarists The construction of the Spanish classical guitar is the basis of our brand. All the instruments made by Alhambra Guitarras are built with solid tops.
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Classical Guitar,Cort,Cort Semi Classical Guitar CEC5-NAT

Cort Semi Classical Guitar CEC5-NAT

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Classical Guitar,Alhambra ,Alhambra Classical Guitar With Bag | Z Nature.

Alhambra Classical Guitar With Bag | Z Nature.

The Alhambra Z-Nature guitar is an instrument for beginners, very good quality and very affordable. In this model, the steps of the manufacturing process have been reduced, as well as its overall cost of production while keeping the recognized quality of Alhambra guitars. In addition, it is important to note that the Alhambra Z-Nature, like the rest of the range of Alhambra instruments, is completely made in Spain.
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Classical Guitar,Alhambra ,Alhambra 6 String Classical Guitar, Right, Solid Canadian...

Alhambra 6 String Classical Guitar, Right, Solid Canadian...

Alhambra Guitars Established in 1965, with 50 years of experience in the construction of the best handmade classical, flamenco and steel string guitars in the world. It has more than 14.000 square meters used for creating unique pieces using a perfect union between the tradition of handmade work and the most modern woodworking techniques.
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